Our Supplies

IREKS (Germany)

Johann Peter Ruckdeschel, master baker and home brewer, founded a malt house in the German town of Kulmbach in 1856. With all his hard work and dedication IREKS malt became the trusted leading brand it is today.

Specializing in cereals, the basic raw materials and experts in the art of baking IREKS has become one of the leading international manufacturers of improvers and mixes for bakeries.

The Companies philosophy "Naturally the best" is evident in all products they produce.

Products from the following groups are available

  • Rye & Wheat Flour
  • Bread-Mixes
  • Sourdough starters
  • Baking Malt
  • Cake & Muffin–mixes
  • Custard Powder
  • Gluten Free products
  • Bread Improvers
  • Baking Malt
  • Baking Additives
  • And more rustic varieties
Carma (Switzerland)

Carma (Switzerland)

Founded in 1931 by Carl Maentler who was in search for the best blends of premium cocoa beans to bring out taste and suitability to finished products. The company was in fact started in his own apartment in Zurich.

Specializing in chocolate and cocoa products, instant desserts, toppings and many years of determination CARMA has established itself as the Swiss standard of excellence in gastronomy, hospitality, pastry and confectionery sectors.

CARMA regularly undergoes consistent standards and quality checks, making it your pre-eminent partner in sweet desserts. Schmidt Co. Ltd. has been a sales-partner of CARMA since 1970.

Products from the following groups are available

  • Chocolate Couvertures (Blocks & Coins)
  • Cacao Products
  • Mousses & Dessert Powder Mixes
  • Glazes
  • Canaches & Praline Pastes
  • Gianduja
  • Almond & Baking-Pastes
  • Modelling & Writing Pastes
  • Chocolate & Fruit Dessert Sauces
  • Flavoring Pastes
  • Bake-Proof  Marmalades
  • Fruit Glazes Of Fast Setting
  • Cake Filling (for confectionery and cakes)
  • Dehydrated Fruit Fillings
  • Decoration Items


In 1899 Peter Dreidoppel established Dreidoppel company, producing flavourings for food products. For many decades Dreidoppel has been a strong partner for bakers and confectioners, for manufacturers of sweets and ice cream and also for the food industry – both at home and abroad.

Many Innovations such as the famous Citroperl or the market leading product Gelatop contribute to Dreidoppel’s ongoing aim is to creating new flavours.

Their Flavours and Pastes are superior in taste and texture. They are highly concentrated for efficient utilization and authentic aromatic aroma.

Dreidoppel distinguishes itself as a reliable and innovative partner for all those who want to make good things even better. Our contribution to this aim is doing what we do best - a unique world of recipes, flavours and raw materials.

Products from the following groups are available:

  • Fruit- & Flavour Pastes For Dessert & Ice-Cream
  • Flavours For Baking
  • Stabilizer For Milk & Sherbet Ice-Cream
  • Fruit Juice Thickener
  • Fonds
Uniwhip (Denmark)

Uniwhip (Denmark)

A unique and traditional company based in Denmark which focuses on Sweetened and unsweetened Non-Dairy Creams. Excellent to use for desserts, cakes, pastries and in the hot and cold kitchen.

Products from the following groups are available:

  • Sweetened non dairy cream, for pastry and desserts.
  • Neutral, non dairy cream, for whipping and cooking.  

Ewald (Germany)

In 1886 Carl Ewald laid the foundation of the present company in Sobernheim / Nahe. Since then the company has been passed directly from father to son. Today EWALD-GELATINE is a highly modern and flexible company in the production of leaf gelatine, powder gelatine as well as hydrolysate.

Our Ewald Gelatine is manufactured entirely from the naturally produced raw material pigskin. When purchasing our raw materials we demand the highest quality. All the processing is carried out under the strictest control. The finished product is of the highest quality.

Products from the following groups are available:

  • Gelatine
Ewald (Germany)