Malzperle Plus, Bread Improver, 1kg

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Improver for wheat-based baked goods

Bread Improver: just add 3-4% to your recipe

Golden-brown perfection, long-lasting crispiness and distinctive crumb crack for your homemade wheat baked goods is super easy by adding 3-4% of our Malzperle Plus Bread Improver to your recipe

Malzperle Plus Bread Improver can be used for Crisp Baked Goods, Malt-based Baked Goods, Kaiser Rolls, French-style Bread and Rolls, English Bloomer Bread, Pretzels, Ciabatta and more

Containing acids, which helps the dough rise higher, and malt extract, which adds an intense malty aroma and taste, Malzperle Plus Bread Improver ensures your homemade wheat baked goods are scrumptious and moist with every bite

Formulated specifically for wheat bread dough, Malzperle Plus Bread Improver can be used in different recipes with the following Mixes: Multi Malt Mix, Sovital, Korn Pepp, French Village, Rex Bavarian Dark, Avena Vital, Rex Milano, Maize Max, Chia Mix, Spelt Natur, Brown Bread Concentrate, Ireks Multi, Keimkorn-Kruste, Kernieges and Pumpernickel

More Information
FDA Number10-3-09023-1-0192
Weight (KG)1.000000
Flour TypeImprover
Usage %0-25%
Dietary NeedsVegetarian, Transfat Free, Nut Free
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